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Luxury Market Insights
Luxury Market Insights is a unique partnership between American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group. We specialize in research, consulting, analysis, and marketing capabilities created to understand and address an affluent audience. Using insights from the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, we help our clients understand the inner world of America's most successful families. With income and consumption increasingly concentrated at the very top of the income scale, reaching affluent and wealthy consumers has never been more important...and has never been more challenging. We provide our clients with invaluable information into the affluent marketplace, and give them the tools they need to attract this powerful consumer segment.

For more information on Luxury Market Insights, please contact Jessica Aiello at Jessica.M.Aiello@aexp.com or 212-536-2010.
Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America
The annual Survey offers marketers in-depth insights into the lifestyles, attitudes, and household spending habits of affluent and wealthy American consumers at the top 10% of the American financial pyramid. Providing a multifaceted view of how the wealthy learn about and engage with brands, and make choices, the Study covers a wide variety of luxury categories, including Automobiles, Yachts, Fashion, Kitchen Appliances, and more. Our sponsors help us shape each wave of research to ensure we tackle the issues that matter most to our marketers.

Click here for our latest Survey of Affluence & Wealth Study Brochure
About Harrison Group
Harrison Group is one of the country's leading marketing and strategic research consulting firms, specializing in concept testing, forecasting, segmentation, branding, and market modeling for some of Americas leading companies. This partnership between Harrison Group and American Express Publishing offers robust insight into the affluent U.S. consumer population.
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